DQ Framework
Digital technology has been widely recognized as a vital tool to further sustainable development. However, many people around the world still do not have the digital capacity, skills and resources required to meaningfully use these technologies and reap their benefits. Gaps still exist in practical tools, processes and measures, as well as in collaboration, which are impeding progress. Each year, the world economy invests billions of dollars in developing digital literacy and digital skills. However, these efforts are not well coordinated where companies, governments and organizations operate their respective programs under their own frameworks meaning that there is no globally shared understanding of and standard for what terms like digital skills and digital literacy mean.

Currently, there is no shared baseline understanding of the level of digital skills in the world today, and as such it is difficult to address how to improve and sustain digital literacy. In September 2018, the Coalition for Digital Intelligence (CDI) was launched to address these challenges. Formed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the IEEE Standards Association and the DQ Institute in association with the World Economic Forum, CDI is a cross-sector cooperative network of organizations from around the world that aims to improve global digital intelligence by coordinating efforts across educational and technology communities through multi-stakeholder collaborations.

Since the launch there have been many developments in advancing global digital intelligence efforts, including the launch of the DQ Global Standards Report 2019, which is the world’s first attempt to define a global standard for digital literacy, skills and readiness across the education and technology sectors, and the initiation of an IEEE global Standard for Digital Intelligence (DQ) -- Framework for Digital Literacy, Skills and Readiness.

This gathering will bring together experts and leaders advancing efforts to ensure digital intelligence to share information and to identify opportunities where we can collaborate to advance solutions for digital intelligence.


9:30-10:00    Check in and Continental Breakfast
10:00-10:10  Welcome and Opening Remarks Karen McCabe, IEEE & Joan Ai, WEF
10:10-10:25  Keynote Address 
10:25-11:10  Roundtable: The Digital Intelligence Landscape

There is an urgent need to empower individuals with a new form of digital competencies that can help them become ready for the rapid advance of AI and other digital technologies in the near future. Millions of dollars are being invested in “digital literacy,” “digital skills,” and “digital readiness” programs across different sectors and countries. Nevertheless, such efforts have limited coordination and are uneven across covered topics due to the lack of a globally shared understanding and framework for digital competencies and standards. This Roundtable will address the state of digital intelligence today and how we can work toward a common set of definitions, language and understanding of comprehensive digital literacy, skills, and readiness that can be adopted by all stakeholders worldwide, including national governments, educators, technology companies, and service providers. 

Moderator: Karen McCabe, IEEE
Invited Speakers:
  • Guy Berger, UNESCO
  • Joanna Rubenstein, Broadband Commission & World Childhood Foundation
  • Ann Rosenberg, SAP
  • Chris Wiggins, NY Times
  • Doreen Bogdan, ITU
11:10-11:55  Roundtable: Advancing Solutions to Digital Intelligence

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is triggering the replacement of human mental labor with artificial intelligence, automation, and other digital innovations. It has been estimated these technological advances will render over 75 million current jobs obsolete over the next four years while creating 133 million new ones over the same period. These new types of jobs will require new skills that allow humans to productively utilize technology – skills that go beyond physical, cognitive, and soft skills: “digital skills”. This Roundtable will discuss real-world projects and initiatives that are working to advance digital intelligence. 

Moderator: Joann Halpern, Hasso Plattner Institute
Invited Speakers:
  • Melissa Sassi, IBM
  • John Havens, IEEE
  • Vivek Elangovan, Microsoft InsideringUp Program
  • Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, National Association for Media Literacy Education

11:55-12:00  Closing remarks -Karen McCabe, IEEE


World Economic Forum - The Big Apple Room
350 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017