The Mark of AI Ethics




11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT


AI is now an intrinsic part of solution development and has the potential to bring risks and exposures that need to be addressed in order to generate the trust needed for market adoption.


IEEE AI Ethics criteria address many socio-technical ethical aspects of the development and deployment of autonomous intelligent systems (AIS), and the IEEE CertifAIEdTM Mark provides AIS providers with the visibility that demonstrates their commitment to safeguarding transparency, accountability, algorithmic bias, and privacy towards more trustworthy AI.


In this webinar, you will hear about the context and value of AI Ethics certification, the challenges surrounding its implementation, and how IEEE CertifAIEd addresses them through its comprehensive suite of ethical criteria, and the thorough and carefully considered methodology that takes into account the distinct context and risk impacts of a specific autonomous intelligent system.



  • IEEE’s role in advancing technology for humanity
  • The IEEE CertifAIED program and how to get engaged
  • IEEE CertifAIEd Ontological Specifications for Ethical Privacy, Algorithmic Bias, Transparency, and Accountability



Dr. Ing Konstantinos Karachalios, Managing Director, IEEE-Standards Association


A globally recognized leader in standards development and intellectual property, Konstantinos is managing director of the IEEE Standards Association and a member of the IEEE Management Council. He has been working to enhance IEEE efforts in global standards development in strategic emerging technology fields, through technical excellence of staff, expansion of global presence and activities and emphasis on inclusiveness and good governance, including reform of the IEEE standards-related patent policy.


Ali Hessami, Director of R&D and Innovation, Vega Systems, London, UK


Ali is a physics and electronics engineer with a track record in risk assessment and management, knowledge and talent/competence management, and design of mission critical systems. He has experience in safety, security, and sustainability assurance in complex products and projects, developing European and Global safety/security standards and technology ethics certification including COVID-related Contact Tracing Technologies. General interests include Photography, cosmology, mysticism and culture.


Ravi Subramaniam, Director, IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP)


Ravi advises and consults for numerous working groups on post standards implementation which encompasses test plan, certification program development and interoperability. Prior to taking on this role, Ravi has served in various technology management roles across the globe. He has previously worked for MET Eurofins, Honeywell and Ericsson. Ravi studied Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University and Johns Hopkins University and has an executive MBA from Rutgers University.


 Lloyd Green, Director, IEEE Strategic Market Engagement & Operations


Lloyd is the Strategic Market Engagement and Operations Director. In this role Lloyd is responsible for managing strategic industry-oriented partnerships, while developing engaging approaches to foster industry participation in long-term standardization initiatives. Lloyd has a wealth of technology related experience in the areas of strategic partnerships, marketing, corporate communications, market intelligence, business development and product marketing.  


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