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On 14 October, 2021, the IEEE’s Global Initiative for Ethical Extended Reality hosted a policy-focused digital event that brings together expert voices to explore issues surrounding extended reality in education. The event - that looks into “AR in the classroom” and “VR as the classroom” - highlights work from the multidisciplinary ethics initiative addressing various policy aspects of XR-and-education, and features expert voices and practitioner commentary. 


Featuring speakers whose expertise bring together a wide range of policy perspectives, the event provides an opportunity for an immersive discussion of considerations for an important use case of emerging technology in the public sphere. 


Ellysse Dick, of the non-profit Information Technology and Innovation Foundation; Victoria Copeland, a researcher and fellow at UCLA; Prof. Eleni Mangina, who is a member of the Global Initiative’s Executive Committee and XR-in-education expert at UCD who coordinates multiple European funded projects; as well as Prof. Fridolin Wild, of The Open University, and one of the main driving forces behind the XR-in-education focused ARLEM metadata standard. 


The webinar spans two hours, and is divided into three sections: A 30 minute presentation on the topic by founding members of IEEE Global Initiative; Followed by the one-hour expert panel, and closes with a 30 minute Q&A section.


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