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IEEE Time-Sensitive Networking Webinar Series

An introduction and overview of Time-Sensitive Networking (IEEE 802.1)


IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is an enabler of Industry 4.0, i.e., smart factory of cyber physical systems. TSN is the foundation to provide connectivity and real-time quality of service to time and mission critical industrial applications on converged networks of operations technology and information technology and converging multiple independent applications in one network enabling real-time communication on the same infrastructure (cables, bridges). TSN meets these requirements by providing interoperability via open standards. TSN provides synchronization and supports real-time communication for, e.g., closed loop control over a single standard Ethernet network.


This webinar series would be of interest to those in the following industries: 

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Mobility/Automotive
  • Industrial Automation
  • Aerospace


TSN to the Fore of the Transition to 5G with IEEE 802.1CM™


This webinar will discuss the motivation and methodology behind the development of IEEE 802.1CM™-2018 Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) for Fronthaul, what the standard provides in terms of principles, structure, deployment, configuration, and how it combines relevant parts of the TSN toolset to ITU-T synchronization solutions to enable a bridged IEEE 802.3™ Ethernet network to transport time-sensitive fronthaul traffic flows using CPRI or packetized eCPRI. This webinar will also address why the IEEE 802.1CMde™-2020 amendment matters and what it brings that reinforces the position of TSN, via IEEE 802.1CM, at the fore of the ongoing transition from 4G to 5G.


Jessy V. Rouyer

Standardization Specialist, Nokia

Jessy V Rouyer leads Ethernet transport networking standardization at Nokia. His 22 years of experience in research, software development, and consultancy started with today’s Bell Labs at Alcatel USA then Alcatel-Lucent USA and continue in the Optical Networks business within a product line management team focused on packet optical, synchronization, and services. For two decades, he has contributed and held technical editor as well as leadership positions in IEEE SA, ITU-T, and MEF Forum. 

He became a MEF CECP. Following work on IEEE Std 802.1CM, he is currently YANG technical editor for IEEE P1914.3 revising Radio over Ethernet, and editor of ITU-T Recommendations central to Ethernet transport networking. He also serves as IEEE 802.1 Working Group Vice-Chair and Recording Secretary, and ITU-T SG15 Q10 Rapporteur. Based in Texas, he holds over 20 granted patents and received his MSCS specializing in computer networks and systems from Université Henri Poincaré, France.



IEEE 802.1 TSN Webinar: Audio/Visual Bridging

This webinar describes the goals of the AVB project and the IEEE 802.1 Standards that were developed for each problem area and their solutions.  This gives participants a better understanding of what the AVB project did and why, as a method to better understand the structure of the TSN Standards and the subsequent TSN use case Profiles. 


The Audio Video Bridging (AVB) IEEE 802.1 Standards work culminated with the AVB Profile Standard (IEEE 802.1BA).  This initial Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) project provides a plug-and-play solution for audio and video streams by reserving bandwidth for these streams ahead of non-reserved flows.  

The Transport and Impact of Synchronization in Time-Sensitive Networking - An Introduction to IEEE 802.1AS

This webinar will give an introduction to IEEE 802.1AS, including synchronization concepts and applications. IEEE 802.1AS is a profile of IEEE Std 1588. It specifies protocols and procedures that enable systems and networks to meet time-synchronization requirements for time-sensitive applications, such as audio, video, and time-sensitive control. Synchronization is one of the key components of the TSN toolset, needed for equipment used in packet networks where time-sensitive functions are performed. IEEE 802.1AS is used in several applications, such as Audio and Video, Industrial Automation (e.g. smart manufacturing), Automotive, and Aerospace.

Driving Digital Transformation through IEEE 802.1 TSN - An Overview of Time-Sensitive Networking

This webinar will give an introduction to the basics of IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), including base concepts and application areas. TSN provides deterministic data packet transport such that packets are delivered within a time window without loss or delay due to congestion or errors. The various TSN techniques are specified by a set of base IEEE 802® TSN standards, colloquially referred to as the “TSN toolset”. In order to facilitate the adoption of TSN, industry-specific “TSN profile” standards to select which of the base standards in the TSN toolset to use, and how to use them in a given industry vertical.


The Impact of Time-Sensitive Networks - An Introduction to IEEE 802.1

This webinar will give an introduction to the market-relevant standards of the IEEE 802.1 Working Group.  This group was created over 40 years ago and developed the base architecture and bridging standards for IEEE 802 technologies.  While MAC bridging has evolved into VLAN bridging it has also been enhanced with features supporting time-sensitive networking (TSN).  In addition, the WG has also developed other higher-layer standards including link aggregation (LAG), link discovery (LLDP), encryption (MACsec), and authentication (1X).  Recently the group has developed profiles of TSN features for specific verticals.


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