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Mind the Gaps: Trustworthy AI for Autonomous Vehicles  

 Thursday, 30 June 2022 


14:00 - 15:30 CET (8:00 - 9:30 AM ET)

L4 Autonomous Vehicles:

Is AI a Trusted Technology for Autonomous Driving? What About Legal and Ethical Implications? Where Do We Stand? What is Missing?

Cars with L3 features like an Automated Lane Keeping System (ALKS) have already been announced by leading OEMs to be commercially available in 2022. The next step will be L4 automated vehicles, which will be equipped with an autopilot to drive safely without human intervention in a so-called operational design domain (e.g. highways). 


A highly automated car has to perform complex driving tasks in an ever-changing multi-faceted environment. Various AI techniques are used to master the complexity by interpreting sensor data or by making decisions in ambiguous situations. Algorithmic decision making and autonomous actions without human intervention imply a wide range of open technical, ethical and legal challenges that need to be overcome in order to make autonomous cars on public roads a reality.


This webinar will provide the latest information on the status of AI technology and related gaps for autonomous vehicles. Leading experts from the US, Asia and Europe will shed some light on following issues:

  • Major AI techniques and components in an autonomous vehicle
  • Machine learning inductively abstracts and generalizes from data; the resulting algorithm is largely opaque. What about the residual risk of whether or not it is fit for purpose under unpredictable circumstances?
  • How to set boundaries in which an AI component works
  • How to secure AI and make it safe
  • Should an autonomous vehicle be regarded as an ethical agent?
  • Will autonomous vehicles face ethical dilemma situations and is it possible to avoid them?
  • Who is liable when a self-driving car misbehaves or causes harm due to a traffic accident: the car owner, the manufacturer, or someone else?

Why Join

Key industry leaders from Europe, the United States, and Asia will share their views and be available for Q&A. Attendees will have opportunities to interact with speakers and comment on tech, business, and regulatory challenges. Researchers are encouraged to share latest research results and innovators are encouraged to come up with disruptive concepts.
Who Should Participate?

●    Vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers
●    Autonomous vehicle developers
●    Software and internet companies
●    Semiconductor firms
●    Telecom operators
●    Road operators
●    Mobility service providers
●    Transportation infrastructure stakeholders
●    Industry alliances
●    Academics



Riccardo Mariani

VP of Industry Safety, NVIDIA

Joan Mas-Albaigès

Director, Digital Technologies Division at EURECAT, Technology Centre of Catalonia

Daniela Rittmeier

Head of AI Automotive, Capgemini

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