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InDIITA Workshop 2022

13 - 14 July 2022

International Institute of Information Technology



Join us at InDIITA 2022, the third Open Space Workshop to be held in Bangalore. Building on the previous events' success, this workshop is designed to engage relevant communities and stakeholders on important topics surrounding Dignity, Inclusion, Identity, Trust and Agency as well as develop an outcome-based community that continues to address opportunities and challenges relating to but not limited to the following:

  • Application of Blockchain for social benefits
  • Cybersecurity at all levels including biometric data
  • Algorithmic opacity and explainability
  • Digital labor
  • Building a trust framework for protecting the digital persona
  • Implications and challenges of digitization and datafication

You can help shape the agenda of the two days around these and other related topics to get the most relevant and timely interactions.


Who would benefit from participating in InDIITA?

Professionals with responsibilities within the areas of: dignity, inclusion, data privacy, identity technologies, biometrics, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), security and ethics


Why should you participate in the InDIITA Open Space Conference?

Attendees lead sessions relevant topics, ideas and challenges that matter to you. Drive outcomes and help evaluate ideas that will build systems that provide affordable accessibility or empower individuals to manage his/her identity.


What could we be talking about at InDIITA?

See the growing list of potential topics proposed by the InDIITA community.


As you may have experienced, some of the best interactions occur during a meal or at a break. Support from sponsors is what makes the networking and educational experience highly valuable, while keeping event fees affordable for registrants. By funding this program, you are making it possible for attendees to participate and contribute.


Download the InDIITA Sponsorship Opportunities PDF for more information. 


If you are interested in reserving one of these opportunities please contact:

Moira Patterson (in the US) at [email protected] 

Munir Mohammed (in India) at [email protected]